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“I love books full stop. I have spent many hours absorbed in a book over many years. At school, they would run out of books for me, because I read so many, my teacher Mr Easy, despaired of me! It’s not just the reading, I love the feel and smell of those brand new pages. (I’m just the same with stationery). A visit to a bookshop is a treat. I love being surrounded by all those words, such an immense collection of stories and knowledge. So much emotion and history sat in those pages.

One of things I have been told by counsellors and doctors alike, is to read a book. Not just acknowledge the words, but really take them in. I have tried and struggled, as mentioned in my “Magnified” post. I am now starting to read and enjoy again

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, we continue to do this together. You support me and I support you. We choose the books together and we can enjoy them together!”

Between us, we will choose one book a month. Book of the month if you like! I’ll announce the book, tell you a bit about it and provide you with a link to discussion questions, should these be of interest.

Please do still free to comment, unconfined by a set series of questions. 

I hope this works for you. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

B x

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  1. If you are trying to find a copy of The Shack ask your library or any bookshop for the author W Paul Young.that is how the book cover displays his name.wouldnt want you to struggle finding it by asking for William P Young although it may be listed under both names.Hope you enjoy it.x

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