You probably have noticed that I’m experiencing a bit of a tough time at the moment. Not one simple thing, but lots of small things that for some reason are getting on top of me. This has the inevitable effect of an inability to sleep well. That old phrase comes to mind; “too many tabs open in the brain.”

My husband observed that I hadn’t written a post in a while. Too much to write about and not knowing where to focus. I told him the topics that I wanted to share and he suggested that I write something that would make me feel good. One of the most sensible things he has said in a while.

So nails it is.

My mum always said to me that neglecting my nails and putting my hair up were sure signs that I was struggling. I have been lucky in my life to have great, thick strong hair. Good nails are something I have never really been blessed with. Years of biting as a child and then neglect of myself in later years made my nails weak and flaky. That said, when in a better frame of mind, I would visit the nail bar regularly where acrylic and later gel would work their magic. I would have nails to die for. Not too long, short and manageable but classy. It made me feel good about myself.

Related imageWhere is this heading? It is quite simple. I am now not drinking, I have managed to cut some of the sugar I had been craving and I am regularly topping myself up with thiamine and vitamin B. I noticed that my nails were stronger and decided to attempt a manicure of my own. Out came the base coat, the posh nail varnish I was given at a “Super Brand” event and a strong top coat. I trimmed my nails and set about the task of making them into a work of art. The first thing I noted was my patience. Base coat, wait 15 minutes. Colour, wait 15 minutes. Colour, second coat, wait 15 minutes. Top coat, wait 30 minutes. The second thing I noticed was the neatness of my work. No shaking. Steadiness of hand was well and truly there. I had achieved a result that I was really pleased with and saved myself £40 that I previously would have paid to a nail technician.

It doesn’t end there. Painted nails are subject to chipping and damage. It was time to soak off my hard work and start again. I was shocked at what I saw. I had nails of a lovely length in superb condition. No painting required. A quick file to smooth and shape. A simple top coat for shine. Near on perfect nails. I have never had nails like this. You don’t appreciate the harm alcohol does to your body. Your nails are probably the last thing you worry about. It was a sign. It was a sign that I am moving forward. My body is starting to forgive me. I look at my hands and I actually admire them. People have commented. “I wish I had nails like that” has been said a number of times. What also has been mentioned is that people have noticed that I am starting to care about my appearance again.

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