What happened to “now”?

This is my first post of 2018. There are many reasons why I don’t want to publish it as such. I took the decision not to post over the Christmas period. We all celebrate in our own individual ways. It was an opportunity for me to take a break from absolutely everything. There is no doubt that there are many moments of reflection for us all. That includes me without a doubt. It is a very personal thing and my decision was based on people focusing on themselves and those close to them.

Social media is awash with reviews, highlights, best moments, and worst moments of 2017. There are posts full of promise for 2018. A New Year opens up an opportunity to rethink, re-plan and assess where we are and where we want to be. Herein lies my challenge:


Image result for now quotesThe question is very simple one. I believe the answer is equally as simple. Why do we need the start of a new year and, let’s face it, month, week, day? As a society we are geared up to that New Year Resolution, or I’ll start on Monday, or this month I will…… What happened to now? I have made my decision and I am going to act on it now? Surely the time of the decision is the time to act? There are some light-hearted comments on social media:

“I’m going to give up gin in 2018, but first I need to drink every drop in the house.”

“My diet starts in the New Year, so I need to eat all temptation before then.”

It becomes an excuse to over indulge/binge.

Don’t get me wrong, any decision to change and improve your well-being, at any time is a positive one, but;


A decision to change something in your life does not rely on a day of the week, the start of a new month or another year.

My change, my “now” was triggered by an admission to hospital. A sudden realisation that this was serious. It wasn’t triggered by any day of any year. It wasn’t triggered by any sense of responsibility. In fact, many may consider it to be selfish. It probably was. What happened to me was something I had been expecting. Something that I had pondered on as to why it hadn’t happened before. The outcome of my expectation was somewhat different. I had expected that I would die. My decision was that I decided I didn’t want to, die that is.

As it happens, my re-evaluation day was Valentine’s Day.  For me, that day is simply 14th February 2017.

So, I will share my thoughts and feelings from the festive period in the coming weeks. There is no doubt that I wish everyone the best for 2018.

My word for today is “now”. If you need to do something don’t wait for a day of the week, month or year. Just do it.

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