Who am I and why am I here?

Related imageSo what can I tell you about me?

  1. I am a woman in her late 40’s
  2. I have two grown up sons (20 and 25) and one gorgeous granddaughter 
  3. I was married to their father for 23 years
  4. I have since remarried and have been with my current husband for 3 years
  5. I am a senior manager in a “not for profit “organisation
  6. I originally studied music
  7. I have two beautiful cats
“I am a normal person”
“I have had a relationship with alcohol for most of my life”
“I have been alcohol free for over 140 days”

I created “Loyalty to Alcohol” as a platform to share my thoughts and feelings as I progress through my journey without alcohol. A place where like-minded people, or indeed anyone who has an interest, for whatever reason, can come together, be be open and honest, brutal if need be.

There is other stuff here too. A book club, thoughts of the day which I hope are meaningful and relevant (and an opportunity for me to showcase my photos!). There will be more stuff too as I grow and understand what people would like to know and what is of interest. Please do let me know what you want me to talk about or what you want to see here. This is a place for you too.

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